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2012 Mississippi Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Report

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INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION In late 2010, staff members of the Strategic Biomass Solutions program at Innovate Mississippi (formerly Mississippi Technology Alliance) undertook an effort to compile a report on the state of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and technology in Mississippi. At the time it was reasoned that the increased activity regarding renewable energy, as well as the greater role renewable energy has taken in the everyday lives of Mississippians, necessitated that there be a resource for interested parties to learn more about the strides made in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Magnolia State. This report, completed in 2011, contained information about different renewable energy technologies and opportunities, as well as highlighted different projects in Mississippi and pointed out comparative advantages Mississippi possesses in these areas. In the past year, renewable energy and energy efficiency have only increased in importance for the Magnolia State. Indeed, reports from sources such as the Mississippi Department of Employment Security1 and the Mississippi Development Authority2 have made it plain that Mississippi possesses a growing "green" energy economy, one that can benefit the state through job creation and additional investment. Many have expressed hope that both Mississippi and the United States are slowly recovering from the "Great Recession," albeit at an "agonizingly slow" rate. 3 However, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, high energy prices can be a drag on economic recovery,4 and shocks to the price of energy can affect other goods and services, thereby wielding an influence over the economy as a whole.5 This only underscores the need for a long-term economically feasible energy supply from stable sources, as well as focusing on the most efficient use of the energy we are currently producing. Helping to drive technologies that accomplish these goals to market is one of the core missions of the Strategic Biomass Solutions program. 333333339933 333333339933 Strategic Biomass Solutions primarily seeks to serve and connect three different constituencies: entrepreneurs, investors, and economic developers. Given the size and scope of many energy-related projects, often all three of these entities are necessary to insure a project's success. This is often referred to as the "Commercialization Triangle" (see Figure 1). 2012 pi Renewable Energy gy Efficiency Report he Status of Renewable Energy ciency in the State of Mississippi 1|P a g e

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