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2012 Mississippi Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Report

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT An important aspect of any activity is the economic impact presented by that activity. There are multiple facets to this area, such as community investment with respect to a particular project and generated jobs, whether direct, indirect, or induced. It is these statistics that economic developers observe when analyzing the costs and benefits of public support of a particular project. Two of the most talked about metrics regarding economic development are jobs (both direct and indirect) and investment. These statistics help to measure the total impact of a project on a particular area, and are often useful for determining the amount of aid local governments can or will provide for the project. The following table exhibits some of the published numbers regarding recently announced renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that are either currently or will soon be under way: 333333339933 333333339933 Investment Company (in millions) Jobs*** 93 KiOR $500 1000 94 Silicor Materials* $600 951 95 Elevance $225 165 96 New Biomass Energy $50 25 97 Enerkem $100 50 98 Stion $500 1000 99 Virdia** $1,000 800 100 Drax Biomass/Amite BioEnergy $80 45 View101 $130 300 Eagle Green Energy $2 10 102 Enviva Biomass $12 52 103,104 GreenTech Automotive $75 426 105 Scott Biodiesel $30 25 Bunge-Ergon Ethanol $100 45 Total $3,394 5,194 *Formerly Calisolar **Formerly HCL Cleantech ***Direct and indirect 2012 Table 1: Recently Announced RE/EE Projects in Mississippi pi Renewable Energy gy Efficiency Report the Mississippi Department of Employment Security release a report on "green" In 2011 jobs entitled The Greening of Mississippi's Economy.106 This report was the result of collaboration between the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, Mississippi State University, he Status of Renewable EnergyLouisiana Workforce Commission, and Louisiana State University, in which economic ciency in the State of Mississippi 19 | P a g e

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