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2012 Mississippi Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Report

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ENERGY STAKEHOLDER ORGANIZATIONS ENERGY STAKEHOLDER ORGANIZATIONS IN MISSISSIPPI in MISSISSIPPI 25x'25: The 25x'25 Alliance envisions that by 2025, America's farms, forests and ranches will provide 25% of the total energy consumed in the United States, while continuing to produce safe, abundant, and affordable feed, food and fiber. Formed in 2005, the 25x'25 Alliance is guided by a distinguished group of national and state agricultural, forestry and conservation leaders. The 25x'25 brand and vision has been recognized at national and state levels, and it has been adopted as a goal by Congress and fifteen state legislatures. Advance Mississippi: Advance Mississippi is a state-wide, non-profit coalition of community, business, and academic leaders working to strengthen Mississippi through education and advocacy programs for superior energy policies that foster economic growth. Advance Mississippi was launched in the spring of 2009 under the leadership of Chairman Glenn McCullough, who served as Mayor of Tupelo and Chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority from 2001-05. Advance Mississippi's mission is to advocate for sensible energy policy that will fuel economic opportunity in Mississippi, and educate policy makers, business and community leaders, and the general public about superior energy policies that will foster economic growth. Delta Council: Organized in 1935, Delta Council has traditionally been focused on three main areas of activity: the promotion of agriculture, including research and legislation relating to agricultural programs; flood control and drainage; and the promotion and development of transportation facilities and services throughout the Delta. 333333339933 333333339933 Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute: The Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute of Mississippi is committed to identifying local energy initiatives and agencies throughout the state, demonstrating energy alternatives and educating the public about these options, and expanding the use of alternative energies throughout the state. Gaining Ground also participates in and leads educational workshops on sustainable energy options. Gulf State Renewable Energy Industries Association: The Gulf States Renewable Energy Industries Association (GSREIA) represents solar and renewable energy firms throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in matters of policy, regulation, and public relations. GSREIA is a non-profit, open-membership trade association with an elected board and officers, advocating for the region's economy and environment. 2012 pi Renewable Energy gy Efficiency Innovate MEP.MS: The Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Mississippi (Innovate MEP.MS) Report is a non-profit line of business of Innovate Mississippi that helps Mississippi manufacturers to become globally competitive. With manufacturing experts and a network of industry resources, Innovate MEP.MS provides the change that makes the significant difference between surviving he Status of Renewable Energy and thriving. Innovate MEP.MS is heavily involved in efforts to promote sustainability and ciency in the State of Mississippi 39 | P a g e

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