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FEATURE A brush stroke of genius Q& A WITH GAIL PITTMAN An artistic venture that began with a brushstroke has made Gail Pittman's hand-painted dinnerware a global success. Sandra Buckley Q.As an artist and entrepreneur, you have been fortunate to build a successful enterprise doing what you love.  What inspires you each day? A. Inspiration comes when I am working at what I love doing. The more time I spend designing and painting or pursing a project, the more inspiration I find to complete it. I rarely "lack" for something to do … there is always something to accomplish!  When I first started out, I designed whatever I wanted with little thought about how it would be produced later. Now, I have to stop and think through the entire process of production before I finalize a design for the mass market. The production limitations are intriguing for me and they challenge my thinking – sometimes, a "limitation" can lead to "innovation."   46 Pointe Innovation Q. In terms of your craft, what does "innovation" mean to you? A. Every artist has the same colors to choose from and basically only five to six strokes to use when creating a design. Innovation occurs when those basic choices of color and design are combined with some unexpected element to create a new process or look. Analyzing the world around me and constantly thinking of ways to blend the past and the present trends, colors or materials to make something desirable and different is just my thought process. There are days when it can be maddening … but innovation is the catalyst for creation in the design world. Or, could it possibly be the other way around?

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