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FEATURE ThinkDusk: Planning Your Next Night Out Curt Simpson Courtney Lange S Ryan Reinike 56 Pointe Innovation erendipity brought business partners Ryan Reinike and Curt Simpson together. Through their work at Magnetic Arrow, a Mississippi-based full-service marketing firm, the two were brought in individually to work on the development of a Coast-based magazine, aimed at a young, edgy demographic. At the time, Reinike was working as a freelance writer and graphic designer and Simpson as a web designer. The two immediately hit it off and began working together as media consultants specializing in brand identity, web design and promotional projects. "When you think of Mississippi, technology is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind; but it is important, and we are starting to catch up with the rest of the country," said Reinike. "What we want people to know, and what we tell our customers, is that if you want to compete, you have to cultivate a web presence. If you just throw something on the web, it is like getting ready for the prom, but not telling anyone you want to go." Most recently, Magnetic Arrow has begun developing web-based applications or "apps." "These apps are our little babies and, as of now, one seems to be the strongest of the litter," said Reinike, referencing ThinkDusk. At its core, the ThinkDusk app is a search engine for leisure activities and entertainment. Reinike described the epiphany that led to ThinkDusk as "a great shower moment." "The concept was born out of me being a father and stepping out of my social life for a while," he said. "If my child goes to grandma's for the night or for the weekend, I have no clue what a night out looks like. What ends up happening is that parents spend their night planning their night. I figured that if we can put a rover on Mars, there must be a better way."

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